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We are approaching our Christmas Eve Candlelight services at Grace Church this year. We are holding four services on Christmas Eve this year: 2p, 3:30p, 5p, 6:30p.

We received this questions about why we invite people to attend Christmas & Easter:

"I regularly listen to a sports radio podcast where every Thursday they have a segment called 'This Might be a Dumb Question'. So much more appealing than Q and A with Tim.

"Anyway, today's dumb question is, why do we look to invite others to Christmas or Easter when people who don't normally come to church anyway, come on those weekends naturally.  Why don't we make that big push another weekend like on the same weekend we have the big push with our students in the fall? I know this is isn't just a grace thing. It's how everyone does it.

"I'll hang up and listen to your answer."

Excellent question. I referred to these verses in my video answer, so check it out:


Q&A with Pastor Tim Part 53 on Why We Invite People to Church on Christmas and Easter from Grace Church on Vimeo.