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This question came from Lana:

Do you tithe 10% before or after taxes and can you send me the verse on that?

Great question!  I believe giving/tithing is supposed to be our first expense — that is, first before every before taxes, 401(k), health care, bills, purchases, etc. That makes tithing off the gross, not the net.

Why do I say that? Tithing was supposed to be our "firstfruits". Remember the agricultural context of the Bible. A farmer would plant their crops. The first 10% of their harvest was given to God (before expenses, taxes, purchases, etc.). This was a serious act of faith because the farmer had no guarantee that the rest of the 90% of their crop would be harvested successfully. But when they trusted God with the first 10% (the firstfruits), God provided.

Here are the verses I talk about in the video:

Check out the video below for the full answer.

Q&A with Pastor Tim Part 37 on Whether to Tithe Off of Net or Gross Income from Grace Church on Vimeo.