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We received a Bible question from Tyler in relation to Brother Lawrence's book called Practicing the Presence of God. He asks the following:

Brother Lawrence alludes to the fact that he has given up everything except for constant prayer and talking with God. He says that he gets this overwhelming inner peace from it. Should I also give things up? I am one to take things literally, which is why when I'm reading the bible, I constantly am asking my dad for clarity. Because verses like "hate your father" and "hate your life" just confuse me. Of course when I do my research, I learn that God isn't actually asking us to hate our fathers, but to put God above anything and everything. So in regards to this book, should I be giving things up? For example, I'm really into video games. Because games don't directly glorify God, should I not play them? I'm just at this point where I'm really trying to figure out what my life should look like and what God wants my life to look like. Any advice or guidance you have on this subject would be greatly appreciated.

Check out the video below for the answer.  The scripture references I share in the video are linked as well.


Q&A with Pastor Tim Part 18 on "Giving Things Up" from Grace Church on Vimeo.