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Gene sent in this Bible question earlier this year. Great question. One I often get:

"I’ve listened for the past 7 months how you 'know if you know' if you have been saved. I was brought up in a mix of Christian (Disciples of Christ) and Baptist churches. I accepted Jesus and was baptized at a very young age. I subsequently drifted away from God after high school and had been away from church for the past 20 years. I believe that a was sincere about my decision to accept Jesus, but I never followed it up with a personal relationship with him and I find myself back at square one. Because of that, I am having trouble answering whether I am saved.

"Was I saved when I was young but never followed through with growing my relationship with Jesus so I am still at day zero?

"Or because I was so young, was I not mature enough to make that decision in the first place and I never was saved?"

Check out the video for the answer (& here's a link 1 John):

Q&A with Pastor Tim Part 44 on How to Know if You Are Saved from Grace Church on Vimeo.