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Bible_my_personal_reading_3 I’m sitting here in my office right after my quiet time with God, looking out at the corner of 159th & Antioch.  Let me just say this:

You do not want to be in that traffic jam right now.  🙂  There is a solid line of cars as far as the eye can see.  I think the traffic backs up before the start of the 3 schools just to our south (elementary, middle, & high).

Anyway here are a few quick hits from my time with God this morning in Psalms 77-89:

  • I kept seeing God’s view of his people as a shepherd-flock relationship.  Reminded me that the church isn’t an "organization" but an "organism" (something that’s alive, with living relationships).
    • God leads his people like a flock using "under-shepherds" (77:20)
    • A prayer I wrote to God:  "Dear God.  Would you empower me / live thru me to shepherd me, my family, & Grace Church with (1) integrity of heart, and (2) skill of hand?  Your Son, Tim."  (78:70-72)
  • How have I just blown by these heart-wrenching verses before without picturing what they were going thru…what I would be going thru if my son & daughter & wife & friends & church were massacred?  (79:1-2)
  • Sometimes, all God needs to do to reach people’s hearts is to release them to the natural course of events & consequences caused by their rebellious heart & lifestyle.  (81:12)  Reminds me of Romans 1.
  • Having said all that, it is AWESOME that our God:
    • Loves to bring people back from hard times (85:1)
    • Wants to put "the smack-down" our enemies…whatever’s keeping us down (81:13-16)
    • Doesn’t want to withhold good from anyone!! (84:11)

L8R.  (Time for "Thursday Study Day.")