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Bible - Old Yesterday, we started reading a Proverb a day through September.  My family does this reading at night.  Well I have 3 follow-up thoughts after day 1 (Proverbs 1) last night.

1. Proverb-a-Day — I received this note from Brad about his daily reading schedule: "Hi Tim – I started reading a Proverb a Day about 4 years ago and it completely changed my life and I've done it every month since and its usually one of the first things I do in the morning before I even get out of bed."

2. The "Pambo" Commentary — Our own Pam Turner of information center & discipleship team fame sent me this note: "Journaling just wasn’t sufficient for Proverbs 1, so I made myself a personal commentary."  Check out Pam's commentary in this file. Wow. She titled her email "The Pambo Commentary". Made me wonder if she's "Pam-bo" (Stallone), "The Pam-inator" (Schwarzenegger), or "Iron Pam" (Downey Jr.).

3. My Family's Experience — I read the chapter for us yesterday. A few things quickly became clear.

  • Relevance — Right out of the gate I had a perfect opportunity to start a conversation about issues close to them — being tempted by friends, listening to parents, choosing to follow God themselves, etc.
  • Vocabulary — I realized I'd  have to stop & define a few words: "equity, prudence, enigma, lurk, concourse, rebuke, disdain, calamity." We had fun with this.
  • Drama — When I read the voices with dramatic feelinng, the kids engage more. I read v.11-14 with the most dark & sinister voice possible. I read v.22-33 with my best imitation of a strong, clear female voice [though my wife has NEVER thought my voice was believable…she says I go too high]. But the kids paid more attention!
  • Meat — These are large & meaty chapters. My wife wondered about cutting the chapters in half for now. I'm not ready to give up the fight so quickly though. 🙂