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Missions - Nicole Nance w-Friend
Grace Church supports a number of missionaries around the world including 2 of our own church members.  One of them, Nicole, sent me an email & said it was OK to share it with you.

Nicole Nance (on the left of the picture) works with the Navigators on the campus of the University of Maryland.  Would you take a moment right now & lift up a prayer request I got from Nicole today?

        "Tim, it's great to hear from you.  Thank you for the encouragement. 
Actually there is one thing you could pray for this week.

        "I am leading our large
group meeting on Thursday night and I am a little nervous.  Could you pray that
God uses me during that time to speak His truth to the students
We have been
discussing the beattitudes and this week I am speaking about being a
        "I hope things at church are going well.  One of my closest
friends, Katie, says that church has been amazing as usual.  I'm excited
to be back at my home church over Christmas break.  It's crazy to think the
semester is nearly finished and I will be home in 5 weeks.
again, Nicole"

I know Nicole would appreciate your prayers right now!