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A veritable "potpourri" of updates this morning.

But first, I want to ask you to pray for a KC area family whose daughter has gone missing since Saturday.  I know the family.  ANY family would be DYING inside right now.  Could you, right now, lift them up in prayer, check out this post, & consider praying for them tonight at 7p on the ground floor of Grace Church?

  • Yesterday was all about the grandparents…a day I’ll NEVER regret investing this way:
    • Bible reading at 6:30a.
    • Head out at 8a for a discussion with my Grandpa on his passion: our genealogy.  I’ve been documenting his stories for him & helping him do research.
    • Head to Mom’s for lunch, then chauffeur her to her current "full-time job," being with my Grandma in the hospital.  Dinner w/Mom.
    • Home by 10p to kiss the kids’ heads & fix their covers.  (How DO they get their covers so messed up?!?  Looks like they’ve been in some sort of "sheets-and-pillow-wrestling-match").
  • 2 thoughts from my daily reading this morning thru Hosea:
    • Hosea was asked to (1:2-3) MARRY a prostitute, then later (3:1-3) BUY her out of prostitution when she CONTINUED to cheat on him.  Whoa!
    • God was showing Israel an illustration of how He had (2:2,5,7) DIVORCED his wife, the nation of Israel, for cheating on Him with idols, but (2:13-14) was attempting to RECONCILE his marriage & win her heart back.  Double-whoa!!
  • Object_sticks
    Hmmm…should a man be using the word "potpourri", much less the image?  I’ll attach a "man’s potpourri" now…a pile of sticks.  🙂