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Bible_my_personal_readingSo after work tonight I get home.  The family’s out.  It’s quiet.

I brew a cup of tea, pull out my journal, open my Bible, and get the chance to spend time with God reading 1 Thessalonians 3 through 2 Timothy 4.

What was God speaking to me today about?  "Never stop growing, Tim.  Never, ever stop growing…your entire life."

How did I know this was God’s thought for me today?  As I was reading, I made notes about whatever seemed to "pop out" at me.  Near the end, I realized the SAME thought kept jumping out at me over & over today.  Here are the four journal comments that seemed to be connected:

  • 1Thes 4:1 – Never stop growing & increasing
  • 1Thes 4:10 – Never stop growing in love
  • 1Tim 4:6 – Ministers need to be (continually) "nourished in the words" too
  • 1Tim 4:15 – "Your progress" implies the minister must keep growing

Spiritual growth…a lifelong process for everyone.  (Thanks, God!!!)