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I’m continuing to touch base on the readings each of the 5 weeks of our Perspectives Exposure series.

There were 5 articles in Chapter 5 – "Partnership Exposure: Telling the Story Together."

Here’s my 1 big thing from each of the articles.

1. "Evangelism as Development"

  • Favorite quote — "Both evangelism and development contribute their part to telling the Story.  We must display deeds of love alongside words of truth."  (Actually this quote came from the introduction, but it fit the first article.)

2.  "Biblical Development"

  • Favorite quote — "Secular Development is designed to improve living conditions…Bibilcal Development affirms much of this, but with a radically different orientation…is God-centered."  (I sense God growing me into more of a balanced view since I became a pastor…caring for the WHOLE person…not just the spiritual element.)

3. "Do Missionaries Destroy Cultures?"

  • Object_tower_cambridge
    Favorite quote
    — "Naive academics in ivy-covered towers may protest that the world’s remaining primitive cultures should be left undisturbed, but farmers, lumbermen, land speculators, miners, hunters, military leaders, road builders, art collectors, tourists, and drug peddlers aren’t listening."  (Ooooh.  Great point about the FACT that all cultures will eventually be impacted.  Will the most sympathetic get there first?)

4.  "The Company of the Committed"

  • Favorite quote — "Support troops are as essential as those who go into battle…while ALL Christians are called to participate in reaching the nations, only SOME are sent out cross-culturally."  (So true.  I loved the reference to 1 Samuel 30:24, too.)

5. "Prayer: Rebelling Against the Status Quo"

  • Hands_praying_power
    Favorite quote
    — "Prayer…is, in essence rebellion — rebellion against the world in its fallenness, the absolute and undying refusal to accept as normal what is pervasively abnormal."  (The COOLEST description of prayer I’ve ever heard.)

Post your thoughts/ideas/questions from the readings here.  And keep listening for God’s "still, small voice!"