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Well, Claude Hickman kicked off our first Wednesday of Perspectives Exposure tonight & he was bringing it!

Claude is the Executive Director for The Traveling Team, a national missions mobilization organization.  He’s traveled with his wife, Rebecca, since 2000 speaking to over 100,000 college students, casting vision for the evangelization of the world.  Claude also authored his first book, Live Life On Purpose, back in 2003.

Anyway, I asked everyone tonight to listen to that "still small voice" (1 Kings 19:11-13) in every article, speaker, & weekend service over the next 5 weeks.

Here are my big "take-aways" from tonight:

  • We had around 300 people register for the course (that’s around HALF of the adults attending Grace).  WOW!!!  Claude’s exact words were, "Your church is weird."  Dean & I told him, "You have no idea!!!"  🙂
  • Sidebarjim_w
    Kudos to Jim Williams who was able to purchase the extra tables & acquire them on such short notice because of the huge registration turnout.  Jim?  You da’ man!  (Thank him sometime for how he, his family, & his team goes the extra mile so often & isn’t noticed.)
  • In Gen 12:1-3, God laid out his plan to use one nation to bless all nations/families (including the 6,400 people groups that are still "unreached")
  • I’d never seen Isaiah 26:18 as an admission of the failure of Israel to reach the nations (i.e. dropping the torch that has been passed to the church)
  • Cool example about people from Seattle who despise Starbucks because they’ve gone global.  It’s like Christians who want to keep what they have "strictly-local" & aren’t into spreading the good news to other corners of the globe.

So, take a couple seconds right now & post your thoughts about tonight’s opening session!  Any thoughts?