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Perspectives_exposure_meg_crossma_3Last night, we had the privilege of having Meg Crossman lead our fourth Wednesday of Perspectives Exposure tonight.  She was A HOOT!  🙂  I could listen to her all night.

Meg is the author/editor of our Perspectives Exposure book, that I have thoroughly enjoyed.  Her topic was "Culture" and she did a GREAT job.  Here are my "take-aways" from tonight:

  • "Culture is the silent language."
  • "Culture is a complex system that is non-conscious — people often aren’t aware of their own cultural rules until they are broken."
  • "Culture is learned by instruction & imitation, and is constantly changing."
  • Examples of different cultures:
    • In Navajo culture, you don’t look directly at someone’s eyes because it might expose you to witchcraft.
    • A missionary in Africa named their newborn child after the local chieftain to honor him.  The family was kicked out of the tribe for stealing [the chieftain’s name, reputation, etc.].
    • In Amman, Jordan it’s not uncommon to have people in your home for 12-15 hours/day.
    • In the USA, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers is generally recognized as the best movie ever.  [Ok…that one’s mine.]

So, take a couple seconds right now & post your thoughts about Meg’s session!  Thots?