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Well, Stan led our third Wednesday of Perspectives Exposure a couple nights ago.  Stan and his wife loved the people of West Africa for almost a decade until his wife was diagnosed with MS.  It was wonderful that his friend from out of town, and his wife could be with us too.

Stan and his wife enjoy praying for & building friendships with people who are among the most unreached peoples in the world.

Here are my big "take-aways":

  • World Thoughts

    • Powerful example of getting everyone to snap their fingers every second –> then saying 2 people come to Christ somewhere in the world every second.
    • Bible-believing churches are the fastest growing religion in the world.
    • There are a stunning amount of unreached peoples in the world, that need someone to cross some serious cultural barriers, have a lifetime of patience, and pray for a breakthrough of indigenous churches to begin multiplying.  (That STIRS my heart!)
  • USA Stats
    • There are more Irish in the USA than in Ireland.
    • There are more Swedish in the USA than in Sweden.
    • There are more Jews in the USA than in Israel.
    • The 2nd largest Iranian city in the world?  Los Angeles!
    • 1 in 5 college students in the USA is a foreigner.
    • God is bringing the nations to the USA to hear the good news!

So, take a couple seconds right now & post your thoughts about Wednesday’s session!  Any thoughts?