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Perspectives_exposure_daryl_mccarthLast night, Dr. Daryl McCarthy led our 2nd Wednesday night of Perspectives Exposure.

Daryl has been the CEO of the International Institute for Christian Studies since 1988.  He started leading this ministry the year I became a Christ-follower!

Here are my big "take-aways" from last night:

  • Looks like we had just as strong of a turnout this week as last.  I’m proud of you guys!
  • There is beauty in diversity in Christ’s body.  Last week, we heard from an energetic young man, about to be new father, who specializes in ministry to college students.  This week, we heard from a seasoned man, who recently became a grandfather, who specializes in teaching international studies.  But in Christ, both share a common heart, mind, & purpose.
  • "God moments" for me:
    • Moment #1 — "Much of the spread of Christianity is not spread by clergy and academics — but by tradesmen, business…normal, everyday people just like you and me."
    • Moment #2 — "Would you be able to love & reach out to the very people who did the worst things imaginable to you & your family?"
  • "Hmmm moments" for me:
    • Moment #1 — "After ‘official’ acceptance [by the government of the Emperor Constantine in 312 AD], the Church quit growing as rapidly."
    • Moment #2 — "Vikings were turned to Christ by their captured, brutalized, & victimized women from Europe."  [Alright, I feel ‘under-read’ on this area of history.  I don’t often think about the "Great Viking Revivals."  Time to find a good book on the topic.]

So, take a couple seconds right now & post 1 thought about last night’s session!  Did you learn anything or did God have you pause at any point?