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I’m continuing to touch base on the readings each of the 5 weeks of our Perspectives Exposure series.

There were 6 articles in Chapter 3 – "Strategic Exposure: God’s Story for This Generation."

Here’s my one big thing from each of the articles.

1. "The Task at Hand: World Evangelization"

  • Favorite quote — "…less than 10% of all missionaries are attempting to reach these 2 billion people [33% of the earth]…"

2.  "The New Macedonia: A Revolutionary New Era in Mission Begins"

  • Favorite quote"a malady so widespread…’people blindness’ — that is blindness to the existence of separate peoples within countries…"

3. "Essentials of a Church"

  • Favorite quote"Nearly all church divisions and quarrels originate when a power-hungry person seeking followers puts mere apostolic practice or human customs…as law."

4.  "The Growth Which Is of God"

  • Favorite quote — "If a church is not encouraged to evangelize its own neighborhood early in its growth to maturity, it may always remain concerned with structural and spiritual growth…"

5. "Church Planting Movements"

  • Favorite quote"a Church Planting Movement (CPM) is a rapid and exponential increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group…"

6.  "Prayer as a Strategic Weapon in Frontier Missions"

  • Favorite quote — "Prayer was never meant to be incidental to the work of God.  It is the work."

Post your thoughts/ideas/questions from the readings here.  And keep listening for God’s "still, small voice!"