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I thought I’d touch base on the readings each of the 5 weeks of our Perspectives Exposure series.

There were 5 articles in Chapter 1 – "Biblical Exposure – Understanding God’s Story."

Here’s my 1-2 big things from each of the articles.

1. "The Bible in World Evangelism"

  • Favorite quote — "…the degree of the church’s commitment to world evangelization is commensurate with the degree of its conviction about the authority of the Bible."  (So true.  If God’s word isn’t 100% true, so what??  Why waste our time??)

2.  "The Living God is a Missionary God"

  • Favorite quote — "History is not a random flow of events."  (God is the God of history.  It’s His-Story.)
  • Different way to say same thing — "Old Testament prophecy…not a single but usually a triple fulfillment – past, present, and future."  (That’s what we’ve taught for years at Grace.  There are 3 applications to every Scripture: historical = past, inspirational/personal = present, doctrinal/prophetic = future.)

3.  "A Mind for Missions: The Old Testament Scriptures"

  • Favorite quote — "Through Abraham and his descendants, God again took the initiative to bring His blessing and redemption to all the earth."  (Wow.)
  • Favorite quote #2?  He chooses to use us but is not dependent on us."  (Glad for that!)

4.  "A Man for All Peoples"

  • Favorite quote — "Jesus exploited the following encounters with Gentiles and Samaritans to help His disciples think in cross-cultural terms."  (Always teaching.  Always challenging his disciples — and us — to question their assumptions.)

5.  "Opening the Door"

  • Favorite quote — "…how much more should all cultures be welcomed as believers, regardless of how different they are from us…[not] expecting them to become like us."  (Alright.  Cultural elitism is a hot-button of mine.  It’s so easy for people to cross the thin, red line from "God uses our culture" to "God endorses our culture as a mandate.")

Post your thoughts/ideas/questions from the readings here.  And keep listening for God’s "still, small voice!"