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Office_meeting_roomIt’s been a great day…albeit a long one.

Went to bed last night after 1a, meditating on today’s message.  Up again at 4:30a to keep praying and preparing at the office.  Two services, talking about "The Table" today (showing how the Bible compares God’s kingdom, and local churches, and our personal lives, to a table).  Led a great Prospective Members Class (very interactive), casting vision and answering questions about Grace Church.  (I love those classes.)

At 4p, our pastoral team took off for a short, 2-day planning retreat in sunny Shawnee, KS.  And I have to say, the weather is just as beautiful up here as it is in Overland Park.  🙂

What did we do today?  The bulk of our time was spent thanking God together for what God has done in Grace, and brainstorming together on areas we believed God would have us look at next.  There was a real good spirit there as we:

  • Laughed together & enjoyed each other
  • Questioned and challenged each other’s thinking
  • Looked ahead to the future together

Time to sign off.  We’ll be at it again by 7a tomorrow morning!

Love you guys.  Be praying.