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Hi everyone,

I was offsite this week for our semi-annual pastor's retreat. We had someone loan us their lake house which has no wifi & no tv. It's a place to totally disconnect, which I absolutely LOVE. I couldn't update everyone on my daily OWNit365 readings while I was out there.

We also had the chance to spend time with our new Spiritual  Development Pastor, Phillip Kelley. His first day will be Tuesday, May 31. We are PUMPED to have him on our team! Check out Ben's twitter feed the last few days for the pictures leading up to his "reveal." He got the chance to see that we don't mess around when we get to work. Our work environment is a total "No-Whimps-Allowed" zone.

We worked on some initiatives that — if God brings to fruition — will literally change our community & the world. Things like:

  • Spiritual development ministries
  • Family development ministries
  • Internships and pastoral residency programs
  • Reproducing Grace locally, nationally, & worldwide
  • The next two years of
  • Etc.

I really believe God has given us some "game-changers."

There are a number of other potential dreams that we're praying about and can't even allude to right now.

If you could pray for us for a huge amount of God's WISDOM for us (James 1:5 style), we'd really appreciate it. Frankly, no one is interested in ANY plans that are not birthed and supported directly by God.

Plans change. God remains. Whatever God wants, He should get.