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Hi guys, would you pause right now and pray for Pastor Golden Davis?  He would really appreciate it (as would I).  Here is the prayer request I sent down our church’s prayer line last night.

Dear Prayer Warriors,
I just got off the phone with Pastor Golden Davis of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church in Kansas City, Kansas.  Golden is a very good friend of mine and Grace Church.  He spoke in our church last year about this time and our churches have ministered together a number of times over the last few years.
Golden is requesting prayer.  He is having surgery Wednesday morning to remove a tennis-ball-sized sarcoma cancer growing in the hollow of his right thigh. Sarcoma is a rare form of soft-tissue cancer (only 6000 diagnosed each year). This cancer is not aggressive, but growing.
Would you pray that…?

  • That the surgical team removes all the cancerous cells
  • That Golden will not have to have radiation therapy
  • That Golden will have a quick recovery
  • That his church will be protected and flourish during his absence

Thank you,
Tim Howey