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Pastor_golden_april_davisI had the chance to swing by the Kansas City Cancer Center in Overland Park on Wednesday and saw Pastor Golden Davis of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church and his wife April.  I took a quick snapshot of them with my phone (you can click on the photo for a full-sized look).

I documented his original cancer treatment plan here.  The only change is they are waiting until he finishes chemo to start radiation.

Today, he is finishing his 2nd of 4 rounds of Mon-Fri chemotherapy.  He is the first to arrive in the morning, gets his pick of reclining chairs, and is the last to leave in the evenings.

When I probed a little bit, he told me that Wed-Sun are his worst days (2 days after he starts chemo through 2 days after he finishes).  He faces fatigue, nausea, etc.  Food tastes bland.  Certain lights, noises, smells, and tastes spark his nausea too.  (The same stuff that a number of our church family are experiencing with their cancer treatment as well.)

But he didn’t want to talk about that.  Do you know what he wanted to talk about?  Helping people!  Ministry!  How could our churches continue to forge better partnerships on ministry projects in the future?  (And all this right after he was just administered a drug to help him sleep!)

I told him about our Perspectives Exposure course coming up (the registration deadline is 1 week away!) and he got excited about it.  We might be seeing some Mt. Olive folk with us during the campaign.

Be praying for him, his wife, his family, and his church!