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Pastor_golden_davisHere an update on Pastor Golden Davis’ prayer request from a couple days ago.

The surgery appeared to be very successful.  Golden has already been able to walk around on crutches.  In fact, after spending a sleepless night in the hospital, Golden is being released this afternoon to mend at home.

The surgery went quicker than expected and the surgeon anticipates he was able to excise the entire cancer.  They are waiting on a pathology report to determine whether or not he would need additional treatments such as radiation (pray he doesn’t need it!).

On Golden & April’s behalf, I want to thank you for praying for them and ask you to lift up prayer one more time to:

  • Thank God for a safe surgery
  • Pray for quick recovery
  • Pray that the cancer is totally gone

Also, special thanks to our own Baskets of Grace ministry.  With amazing-hearted people such as Rebble Kelsey and Brooke McBride leading the way, our church was able to quickly provide a set of recovery gifts that will help Golden and his wife, April, through his recovery.  Make sure you send a "kudos" to Rebble and Brooke sometime!