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In last Tuesday’s Kansas City Star, there was a story about Pastor Golden Davis and our friends and co-laborers at Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church of Kansas City, Kansas.  They will be hosting an event the week starting, Sunday August 12 with the founder of the Guardian Angels, Curtis Sliwa.

You can read the article here.

Here are portions of an email I received from Pastor Davis:

"Friends, please make the week of August 12th a part of your ‘exciting’ life in Kansas City. Crime is at an all time high…and communities will need to aid the authorities in combating this dis-ease in our local areas. To that end…I have invited Mr. Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels to come and do an introduction of their unique brand of community involvement and volunteerism to our All America City. Mr. Sliwa will conduct a series of patrol demonstrations in both KC’s and introduce a concept long forgotten:
neighborhoods with neighbors…
The aim of this idea is to infuse a little hope into the lives of those whose hope may be dwindling. No mother…of any race…in any setting…should have to stoop to wipe the blood of her lifeless child from the living room floor…I want to thank you in advance for making a decision to be proactive in making a positive difference in our experience called Kansas City.