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Pastor_golden_davis I talked with Pastor Golden Davis today and got an update.  He is still recuperating at home from surgery: limping around his house, but doing very well.  The doctors were able to determine that Golden had stage 3 cancer.

It’s a good-news, not-so-good-news thing:

THE GOOD NEWS — The surgery went great.  As far as the doctors can see, Golden is now cancer-free!  (Praise God for that!)  His doctor, who is reportedly the #2 doc in the country on this type of cancer, says there’s a 90% chance it will never come back again.

THE NOT-SO-GOOD NEWS — The doctor recommends that Golden have both chemo and radiation to eliminate the other 10% chance (i.e. renegade cells that might have moved beyond his tumor to somewhere else in his body).

THE NEXT STEPS — Golden has to meet with specialists in chemo and radiation to determine what might be involved, then make a final decision on whether to do so within 2 weeks.  If he goes this route, he will be "out-of-commission" through September (if not October).


  1. Healing from the surgery
  2. Being 100% cancer-free
  3. Wisdom about (& coping with) chemo & radiation

Would you take a 1-2 minute break right now and pray for Golden and his family?  Thanks so much.