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Our Executive Pastor Brian Gann found this week.  It focuses on strategic parenting in a practical manner.  When you sign up for their newsletter, they provide a "Top 10 List of Ways to Tame the Cell Phone Beast."  I've shared #3 & #2 with you below for a preview. Check it out and sign up today at!

#3 – Fight for Your Right to Read Texts – "You might disagree with us and that is OK, but we believe that you should have the right to read your teenager's text messages.  The older they get the more right they have to privacy, but we believe they should earn that right over time.  If you are watching their texts, you have a chance to teach them how to act responsibly." 

#2 – Plug in the Cell Phone By the Parent's Bed at Night – "This is a Parenting Ninja Secret.  To keep their teenager from texting until 2 am in the morning, we know some really smart parents who have their teenager charge their cell phone in the Parent's bedroom at night."