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It's coming 1.1.11.

We are building our entire year around this initiative — to connect people to God in fresh, deep ways by reading through the Bible together in 2011 —  Here's what people shot me after the announcement:

  • "How exciting,"
  • "I'm all kinds of excited about the upcoming reading plan/website/etc! Can't wait to see what happens!"
  • " looks great!  All in!"
  • "We are so happy about  Thank you for honoring God and providing true growth opportunities.  We’re proud of our church!"
  • "hey Tim…such exciting news about! i remember the prayer meetings where you shared your vision about utilizing modern technology as a tool to help all churches to share God's Word. Wow! What an answer to prayer! does just that! internet, facebook, twitter…etc. & free to all as a tool. Best part is how it will impact lives! So thankful you followed through on this passion of yours!"
  • "I really appreciate your leadership overall and especially as it relates to  My family is very excited and each of the kids on their own have committed to different plans.  I guess I did not realize until yesterday how many people are frustrated and discouraged about their Christian lives.  I had people come up to me that I looked at as spiritual giants and told me they were in the same position I was in…I also prayed for revival in our church.  You know I am not a 'touchy feely, come to the altar guy' but I feel our church is on the brink of great things.  I want you to know I am all in!  I still have a major spiritual inferiority complex but I refuse to let that hinder what God has planned in my life…For the first time in my life being a Christian is a verb.  Thank you for the impact you have made in my life!"

Here's the preview video we shot for the website:

OWNit365 Intro from OWNit365 on Vimeo.