Select Page - Logo I received this email today from Emily and I wanted to share a quick clarification with everyone on it:

"We have been reading and are already enjoying our OWNit365 program. My family signed up as well!  One quick question: should we be getting an email each day with the reading?  We set it up on our phones, but for some reason I thought we would get an email each day.  Thanks again!"

Here's how I responded:

"Thanks for the feedback!  Actually, we set up registering for & registering for reminder emails as two separate events, because we didn’t want to assume everyone wanted both.

Here’s how to receive daily reminder emails:

  1. Go to
  2. Put your email address in the block entitled “Enter your email address:”
  3. Click the button entitled “Get Daily Email”
  4. Make sure you click the link in the Confirmation Email sent to you
  5. Repeat for any other emails you want to have the reminder sent to

Does that help?"