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Well, we've made it past the "newness/honeymoon" period of and we're into the realities of what it's like to read six days a week over the long haul.  It's at this time it's real easy to get discouraged.  Does any of this familiar?

  • Someone gets sick — you fall a day or two behind
  • Life gets crazy — you're now four or five days behind
  • The reading get tough — you're now ten days behind
  • Pretty soon… — you're wondering if this isn't for you

Here's the deal. You really want to do it. You saw huge benefits for you and your family. Now you're feeling a little guilty and disappointed in yourself. And you're wondering how you're going to get it back.

Here's a few words of encouragement:

  • Forget the past — Don't beat yourself up. It's realy easy to do, especially for me. I'm my own worst critic. But Proverbs says that even good people fall down seven times a day and get back up again. Lamentations says God's mercies are new every morning. Just forgive yourself, forget totally about the past, & pick up the reading where we're at today.
  • Keep it simple — Remember, it's about reading the Scripture & hearing from God. That's it. It's not about study. It's not about understanding every bit of what you read. It's about getting one thought, one line, even one word (like "God" or "mercy" or "believe") that resonates with you and walking away with that.
  • Customize what works for you — We have worked like crazy to put a variety of resources in your hands to help you in the plan. But don't feel like you have to use EVERY PART! We can easily turn a bunch of helpful resources into a LAW that will CRUSH us under its weight. Just read what the Law does to people in Galatians 3:10-14.
    • Weekly Sneak Peek Videos — 2 videos, 3-4 min long each
    • Weekly Tip Sheets — 1/2 sheet, background & what to look for
    • Weekly Podcasts — 30 min, diving deeper into recent questions
    • Weekly Messages — Unpacking a topic we've read
    • Daily Reminders — Via email or text
    • Daily Chapter Comments — On my Twitter & Facebook page
    • Strategic Partnership — Putting our plan on
  • Be creative with your time — You can listen to the audio on your 30 minutes commute. You can read the Scripture as you sit in line daily to pick up your kids. I used to use my lunch break when I worked at Black & Veatch for six years. You can be creative.

And if you want to get back on board with the reading, spend around 3 minutes each with these sneak peak videos on Numbers 1-20 (a FANTASTIC STORY!) and pick up the reading again.


Sneak Peek Week 10 – Old Testament from OWNit365 on Vimeo.


Sneak Peek Week 11 – Old Testament from OWNit365 on Vimeo.