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Pix - OWNIt365 2011
We received this story about what has done in a lady's life:

"Dear OWNit365 Team,

Thank you so much for all you've done this year to make this plan available to me.  I'm not a poster child for the stats.  I did not make it all the way thru, nor did my family read along with me.  I've made it well past half-way but typically lose ground when routines change. The younger version of me would have naturally and legalistically forced myself to read double & triple readings to finish by today.  When I faced the reality that I would not check all the boxes by the deadline, the Holy Spirit challenged me to yes, stay the course and finish the race.  But, He also showed me that the taste I've aquired for His delicious daily bread would rather savor it slowly.  
My "success" as I "OWN it" is that I have fallen so much more deeply in love with the Word of my Lord.  I have written all over the margins as He speaks to me in both whispers and shouts.  (Once I journaled for seven straight hours as the Israelites stood at the crossroads of their Promised Land.) Please be encouraged that in at least one Grace member, this plan has grown an orchard of fruit in my heart.  I celebrate the grace I've come to know as I'd honestly rather focus on the WHO I'm walking with instead of how fast I'm running.  Words (nor numbers) cannot describe what OWNit has accomplished in my spiritual formation.
Thank you a million times.  See you in the New Testament!