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Pix - OWNIt365 2011
We recently received this story about what has done in a man's life:

"Hi Tim, I want to give you some feedback on what OWNit365 did in my life. I've always heard the phrase "The Bible is alive". Even as a Believer in Christ I wasn't seeing that. I dedicated myself to God's Word via OWNit365 and oh my Lord it is alive and it has changed my way of thinking and living. The number one burden the Lord has laid on my heart are those who don't believe. HE has provided FB as a tool for me and many others to get the message out. Just like I tell people, if I didn't pay for my own college I would never had finished. Same goes for OWNit365 I would never had read God's Word all the way through in 2011. I can't explain it but He is really there. Thanks Tim, you don't even know the impact OWNit365 had on all the people's lives in 2011. I now have the direction I've never had before.  I do still have a ways go. Doug"