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Pix - OWNIt365 2011
Here's an email from a pastor about what is doing for an entire church!!!

Hey Pastor Tim,

Just wanted to say thanks for creating OWNit365 and for sharing it with everyone else!  We are launching a new church in Louisburg, KS called The Porch Community Church.  We will start OWNit365 NT+ about a month after we launch in Feb!

Some of my favorite things are:

  • You only read one chapter a day (not too overwhelming)
  • You get one day off every week to rest or catch up
  • You still get some Old Testament every week
  • The family discussion is an added bonus. 

Our vision is "seeing lives change."  The Word of God is what changes lives as we read and apply it to our lives together! Reading the Bible is SO important because it is one of the main forms God uses to talk to us and transform us! Deut 6:7 tells to talk about the scriptures all the time!  This is a lot easier when we are all reading the same thing. Plus, we can help keep each other on track!

Our goal is to saturate ourselves in the Word of God, let it change our lives and do it together!

Pastor Curtis Riley
The Porch Community Church