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Pix - OWNIt365 2011
We recently received these comments about from a Bible teacher:

"May I admit I was surprised — even a little disturbed — by the new OWNit website? After a successful year in reading thru the entire Bible with OWNit last year, I was looking forward to spending more time in the NT this year, really discovering what God has to say. So when I arrived at the site to see the new "Help With Struggles" emphasis, I was dismayed. Is this now all about what God can do for me? Still, I trust Pastor Tim Howey and the rest of the leadership at Grace Church of Overland Park, so I was sure there was something I was missing. Sure enough — the truth is in the Help With Struggles videos. They're a quick-reference resource to particular portions of the Bible to pay attention to when struggling with a certain issue. So, if –like me — you're not sure that OWNit365 is for you, I encourage you to check out the videos in order to understand what OWNit is all about. Then, sign up!"