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Series 09 - 3 DaysHere are some other memories I had from this weekend…

  • The hundreds of excited children who stampeded across our lawn to collect the 10,000-12,000 Easter Eggs stuffed full of candy & prizes.
  • The man who came up to me weeping after one of our services saying that he had just accepted Christ as Savior — he was smiling & crying & broken & celebrating…all at the same time.  And he hugged me so hard that he literally hugged the wind out of me.
  • The excitement I felt about getting to "sleep in" on Sunday morning & drive to church with my family, since our very early review & prayer time was already done by Saturday afternoon.
  • The Grace ministry leader who told me that, after attending church for years & hearing dozens of Easter messages, he finally "got it" — he "got" why the resurrection is SO PIVOTAL to our faith as followers of Jesus
  • Easter 09 - Aydan's Pix The little girl who attended her first "big church" and drew this picture for me.   She came up to me after service & presented it to me.  (If you click on the picture, you can see she drew the worshipers, the empty tomb on the left, the cross on the right, all 3 big screens with the cross on the, and me on stage in front of the flowers.)
  • My 2 children, who have started attending the adult worship, listening to Dad, & taking notes after their 2 Sunday school classes.
  • The refreshing feeling of 40 degree rain spritzing me on the nearly deserted streets Sunday afternoon as I put in my last "long run" (a 12-miler) before next week's Boston Marathon.