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I’m sitting here in my recliner with my right leg up again.  Two days to go and I get to have my MRI and find out what might be going on with the knee.  A couple thoughts from today:

(1)  We have an amazing Weekend Service Team.  When I came hobbling up today, they made everything safe, easy, and seamless.  I didn’t fall off the stage once.  🙂

The team is led by our Worship Pastor, Ben Abu Saada.  Ben does a wonderful job modeling a heart of worship, a Christlike servant’s attitude, a gift for creativity, and willingness to innovate.

Check out Ben’s blog sometime called BabuLife.  He pushed…uh, encouraged me for quite a while to enter the Blogosphere and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Knee_picture_with_arrow_1 (2)  I don’t think my knee is all the way healed yet.  I started to feel like I was making it over the hump the last couple days.  (My wife is smiling at that line.  How many times has she heard me say something like that over the years?)

After worship, I’m in my office and I bump the fleshy part on the inside of my right knee.  Not a massive, head-on blow, but a soft, glancing bump.  Wow.  Man Down part 2.  I don’t think I’m better yet.

P.S. The picture isn’t my knee, though the massive muscle definition might have confused you.  🙂