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I am having a BLAST coaching my son’s 3rd grade basketball team.  Here’s some random thots:

  • My son and I try to practice a little bit each day.  Great "Daddy Time."
  • Last weekend, our team had two practices in 14 hours.  The boys ran very, very hard.  🙂
  • The boys chose the team name, "Dominators."  Cool name.
  • We’re going to give out 5 awards to various people throughout the year.
    • "Herculean Hustler"
    • "Dominating Defender"
    • "Raging Rebounder"
    • "Powerful Picker"
    • "Pinpoint Passer"
  • Symbol_no_whine_zone_2
    Our coaches wear homemade T-shirts with a "No Whine" symbol on it.
    I’ve told the kids that there is an invisible zone around the coaches
    called the "No Whine Zone."  I also told the team that anytime someone whines (like "Oh man!"
    "Do we have to?"  "I don’t want to!"), the whole team will run.  I don’t get
    mad at them.  I don’t yell at them.  Just the opposite, in fact.  I get
    "all-smiles" and say to the kids, "Hey, so-and-so wants us to run.
    That’s OK, because I LOVE to run!  Everyone on the line!")  I think I’m
    having too much fun.  🙂