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Hi everyone.

Today, I received this update from Steve Kern (Good News in Action missionary and assistant pastor of Vida Nueva church in El Salvador).  Their church did some follow-up work with the Nicaraguan church after our missions trip.

I’ll let him tell you in his own words (though the pictures came during our team’s week in Nicaragua).




Just wanted to give you a report on the beginning of the follow-up of the Holy Week campaign.  We sent a team of 15 from our church the Friday after we left and they worked the whole weekend and came back on Monday.

As soon as they arrived, the women stayed at the church for a special meeting where they invited women who had been saved the previous week. Over 30 new women who had never attended the church showed up. While the women met that night, the men went and visited the contacts from the campaigns to invite them to the service on Sunday. All day Saturday everyone visited the contacts from the campaigns and that afternoon they had a youth meeting. Sunday morning they had a service and Sunday afternoon and evening they continued visiting.

The testimonies from the team were great. They came back on Monday floating on air. During the weekend, in addition to the women who attended Friday night, 60 new adults, youth and children attended. They said that the Nicarguenses were impressed that we kept our promise of visiting those who made professions of faith. Time and time again, when the Nicaraguense family answered the door, they would say to someone else in the house, "You see, they kept their word." They were so excited to receive a visit because they are hungry to study the Word.

Remember the older ladies who prayed to receive Christ with Rodolfo? The one who had cancer died that very week (Talk about a divine appointment). The younger of the 3 (80 years old) went to the church service and 2 people from our team visited them and led another sister in their house to Christ. In many cases, members of our team led another family member to Christ as they were visiting the person who made a profession of faith during the previous week.

They were able to visit everyone who gave their address from the campaigns in Los Robles (Sunday); Altamira D’este (Monday); 14 de Septiembre (Tuesday); El Periodista (Wednesday); and Col. Managua (Friday). There are still over 300 people that need to be visited although many of them just gave their phone numbers. Now, the hard part begins as Felix doesn’t have enough people to disciple everyone who visited the church. He’ll have to do it in groups which is difficult. It’s like Jesus said when he saw places like Nicaragua, "Pray for the workers, the harvest is plenty." I like how it says it in Spanish, "Rogad por los obreros" which means beg for the workers.

Share this with others on your team Tim. Thanks again for coming.