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Here’s an update on our Managua, Nicaragua trip.  (Click pictures to expand.)  Tonight I want to focus on the Kids Club event.  Our team held a 3-day Kids Club event (similar to our Summer Break Out or other church’s Vacation Bible Schools) on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday from 3-5 p.m.  A hot time of day.

Our own Travis kicked off today’s event with a juggling exhibition.  He’s been using that talent during the campaigns to draw in crowds as well.  Then the kids divided into groups and started playing some games with balloons.  A life-sized Spiderman and Superman (seen in the background of the balloon picture) were mascots for the teams.

Then the kids were divided by age to visit two areas.  One area had a flannel graph and puppet presentation of a different Bible story each day.  Today’s flannel graph was the story of Jesus using a young boy to multiply 5 loaves and 2 fishes.  The puppets had a visit from a Jesus puppet who shared with them how to receive Him as Savior.

The other area helped the kids with an Easter craft, a picture of Jesus risen from the tomb.  There was also memorization of a verse, John 11:25.  You’ll notice Michael holding the memory verse.  If you look carefully in the front row of the crowd, you’ll see a very attentive 6′ 1" student learning his memory verse in Spanish.  🙂

Great fun.  And a great way to reach kids and talk to their parents.  Hasta luego!