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I´m experiencing real difficulties with the Internet tonight.  I can´t use my PC, so no pictures.  Having trouble using the hotel PC too so I´d better be brief.

I started the day dreaming Leo Humphrey (evangelist, mentor, friend, and founder of "Good News in Action" was on this trip).  It was so vivid.  I saw him running around with us:

  • Boldly and lovingly sharing his faith
  • Speaking Spanish
  • Telling people he loves them
  • Making jokes
  • Encouraging people
  • Laughing and smiling
  • Bringing the team back to the mission

I miss Leo.

Then we kicked off the day with a short devotion from one of our Bakersfield, CA contingent.  After that was testimony time.  So many stories of how God is working in the lives of people.

Headed to the market in the morning to share our faith.  It was packed out.  Had the chance to lead both a man on the corner to place his faith in Christ.  Then two sisters who own a hair salon.

In the afternoon, many relaxed for about 2 hours.  I think the marathon week is starting to take a toll physically.  But it is a "good tired."  I was able to continue working on my Easter message…3 services this Sunday.

In the evening, to a park that is usually filled, but had less people because of the "Holy Week" holiday.  Many are traveling.  Travis and I are starting to put on a juggling exhibition while the team sets up the equipment.  Travis is the Jedi.  I am only the side show.  Had the chance to speak after the movie and drama.  Great response.  Many hands raised followed by individual conversations.

Off to bed.

Hopefully the connectivity will be back tomorrow.  If not, welcome to the "majority world" (i.e. used to be called the "third world").