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Here are some more stories from our Nicaragua team members about their trip…in their own words.

From Travis
– Thursday night Patty, who was translating for me, and I witnessed to an older married couple sitting outside their house.  The Father called his son and a friend out of the house, and both prayed to receive Christ!  They later came to the movie and ended up talking to Felix, the pastor of the local church  Iglesia Bautista Vida Nueva – Managua (New Life Baptist Church).  As it turned out the man and his wife were Christians and had been unable to find a church in the area, so he was thrilled to meet Felix and find a church that honored the Word of God.  He even asked Felix for material to start evangelizing his neighborhood and begin a Bible study in his home!

From Annie
– I was standing in a group of people talking on Tuesday night, at the park called "The 14th of September Park,"  and a guy on the Bakersfield, CA team, Chuck, who I had translated for the night before, was being asked a question by a little girl but he couldn’t understand her. I came over, and listened to her question but didn’t understand. I asked her to say it again and I realized she was asking to pray to recieve Christ!  I told Chuck and we were both shocked. We prayed with her, and she accepted Jesus into her heart. I stayed with her for about fifteen minutes and talked with her. Her name was Genesis, and she was nine years old. When I told her I needed to go, she said something that broke my heart. She asked me "When will I get to see you again?" I told her that I didn’t know and pulled her into a big hug. More than anyone else that I have talked to one this trip, Genesis has touched my heart and showed me that what we were doing really did impact the people.

From Ann
– One of the things I was thinking about
is from the worship time.  You could really feel everyone worshipping
God, even though half of us didn’t have a great understanding of what
we were saying.  I felt comfortable singing (or attempting to sing) and
feel a great connection with God at the same time.  That’s what really
sticks out.

Neither our team, nor the around 600 people who made professions of faith in Christ, nor eternity, will ever forget our trip!