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It’s been a couple days since I updated the blog.  Nicaragua and Easter were awesome.  Wow.  (More on our Easter experience is coming to this blog…I will never forget that day.)  But those events ate me up energy-wise.  I was wrung out.  A "holy hangover," if you will.  🙂

Anyway, I thought I’d let our Nicaragua team members give you a special memory of our trip in their own words.  Here are the first three stories:

From Michael

– One day at the market after Travis was preaching, someone came up to
me and told me that a "drunk lady" had claimed to raise her hand after
the invitation.  Evidently, no one wanted to go an talk to her. So I
grabbed a translator by the name of Patty and we talked to Marie Ellena
Garcia, who had in fact been drinking but she told us that she had
prayed the prayer in her heart and was interested in getting additional
information regarding "next steps".  I was encouraged by Maria Ellena’s
honesty and the compassion in which Patty spoke to her.  I was
immediately reminded that there are no "throw away people" and that we
all need to have a willing heart if we are to reach others.  The
enthusiasm that Patty showed that day was just one example of how the
"youth from El Salvador ministered to me!  They are all fearless for
God and eager to share the Gospel.

Nicaragua_07_janette_witnessing From Janette
– On Tuesday night, at the park called "The 14th of September Park,"
Titi (my interpreter) and I talked to a whole family, multiple
generations (21 to 80 years old), 7 total family members.  We walked
them through "The Big Question" tract, then we prayed with all of them
(led them through the prayer of salvation).  We gave them all a copy of
John and Romans.  It was great to see them reading that.  They were so
receptive, so eager, so ready to learn.  They all wanted to know what
the Bible said.  I thought that God was so good and, if we’d just be
obedient, He would do the work.

Nicaragua_07_karissa_witnessingFrom Karissa – On Thursday night, Krissann and I were getting ready to go to the movie in the park.  We had finished inviting people to the movie and we walked by a man, his wife, and their son playing with a dog.  We turned around and learned his name was Javier.  We talked to him about placing his faith in Christ.  He said he knew who Christ is, reads the Bible, prays, attends church.  He kept emphasizing his own good works and knowledge of God.  We kept explaining Ephesians 2:8-9 and Romans 10:9-10.  We also explained that you can definitely have assurance of your salvation, though he wasn’t sure.  So, right before we walked away…we had nothing left to say…he looked up and said, "OK, I want to say that prayer."  He prayed that with us.  His wife was smiling ear-to-ear.  I asked her if she had accepted Christ.  She said, "Yea, a couple years ago."  She was just waiting for him to accept Christ.  It reminded me that it’s not my words that save people, it’s all about God working in their heart.

Wow.  Everyday people, just like you and me, seeing real lives change.