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Here’s a quick update from today (along with "click-able" pictures).  Monday morning started (as every weekday morning starts) at 9 a.m. with around 80 people involved in the campaign (50 from El Salvador, 25 from the USA, and 5 from Nicaragua), singing, hearing a devotion, and receiving final instructions for the day.  Here you see Michael taking notes during the devotion.

We arrived at a local market for the morning campaign between 10:30a and 11:00a.  People fanned out to share their faith while a series of speakers were interspersed with activities to draw a crowd.  Here you see Travis preaching through a translator named Herbert.  Andy is preparing for his chance in the background.

Here you see an excellent drama being presented by the youth from El Salvador.  The character on the far left is Jesus, who created the universe and createdthe man on the far right.  Between the man and Jesus is a series of cares which are preventing him from reaching out.

After the drama, Andy had the chance to preach.  Behind him and to his right, you can see a little boy holding a tract and some stickers that we distribute to the children.  If you want to draw a mob of children in a market, start distributing stickers.  Hundreds of little hands will be there!

But the ultimate goal is to get 1-on-1 conversations (through a translator).  Here you see Travis getting the chance to share his faith in Christ.

I think I’m ready for bed.  I love you guys.  Keep praying.  Many people are being impacted, both on the international team and, we believe, in the community of Managua.