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We had TWO families have children accepted Christ in/after our services last weekend!  Check out this story:

  • "_____ is my 7 year old son and he sat with me in 'adult church' today. On the way out I asked if his name was in the book of life and he said he didn't know. I asked if he would like to know how to get his name there and I told him about the prayer that Pastor Tim said at the end of the service. While driving home, he said he prayed that prayer with Pastor Tim. _____ asked if it was the same to say the prayer without talking as it was to say it out loud. I explained that it was because…and _____ finished my thought…God heard him. I said that Jesus likes when we say it out loud so that everyone knows… I admit to still just scratching the surface of understanding the application of faith to my own life but I will never forget this day and I would love to support my son in any way possible…"

And check out this tweet!!

Wow. That's what it's all about…