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Series 09 - Wilderness (Numbers)

We kicked our Wednesday night series though the book of Numbers last night called "Navigating the Wilderness."

A few thoughts:

  • Maximizing this Study — I kicked off the study with 3 thoughts to help you maximize ANY study you're a part of:
    1. Prepare your HEART — Like Ezra did in Ezra 7:10, prepare your heart BEFORE the study starts.  (E.g. giving your heart to God in prayer, asking Him to speak to you, reflecting on your current spiritual temperature, reading the next section you're covering, etc.)
    2. Take great NOTES — Like Samuel did in 1 Samuel 3:19, don't let ANY word "fall to the ground."  Take great notes and watch God help you understand, retain, & remember His word in the future.
    3. FOLLOW God's leadings — Unlike Israel in Ezekiel 33:31, be the type of person who not only enjoys a presentation, but strives to APPLY what God spoke to you about.
  • Cornell Learning Strategy — Jeff Walton did a FANTASTIC job introducing us to the Cornell Learning Strategy (for taking great notes & interacting with them to retain 90-100% of what you hear).  Check out this site & this site for more info.
  • Video Feed — Kudos to Brian Vincik, who is the ONLY reason we have video recording right now.  He was a passionate advocate for it from the start & also volunteered to record it himself since he'd be at the study.  And I guess we had 4 people watching the study live over the internet.  Cool!
  • No Time for You!!! — Here was other material & had no time for…
    • Jesus is SHOCKED when we're not familiar with Old Testament stories.  Check out these 6 "Have you not read…?" statements.
    • Jesus says a wise person can apply both the Old AND New Testament stories.  See Matthew 13:52.
    • Moses lived to 120.  That's 40 years as an Egyptian nobleman, then 40 years as an anonymous shepherd, then 40 years as the leader of Israel.  See Acts 7:23,30,36.
    • Israel wandered for 40 years in the wilderness, which is what the book of Numbers tracks.  They wandered 1 year for every day God had them spy out the land.  See Numbers 13:25 & 14:32-34.
  • Tearing Down — Even though I totally forgot to ask people to help tear down the room if they could (and I had a bright red paper in front of me that screamed "TEAR DOWN" in all caps!), thanks to those of you who were hanging out afterward & helped.

I am WAY pumped for next week as we start diving into the "meat" of the study.  Next Wednesday's topic is "Organization" from Numbers 1-2.  That is, when God starts moving in a situation, one of the first things he does is bring PEACE & ORDER, from chaos & confusion.