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Series_08_nuff_pers_financesI’m at the office, preparing to kick-off our new personal finance series tomorrow called "N-UFF".

I’m usually done by now, but this week was unique.  I was waylaid by various things, including New Year’s.

A few thoughts:

  • On Message Series:
    • I love kicking off a new series.
    • I believe people benefit from a variety of series.
    • It’s a lot of work kicking off a new series.
  • On Message Length:
    • It’s FAR harder to speak for a shorter amount of time than longer.
    • Each week, I prayerfully budget how much time to spend on each section.
    • It’s tough (but necessary) to see verses, principles, & examples hit the "cutting room floor."  🙂
  • On our "N-UFF" Series:
    • "Christ is N-UFF for us."
    • "We have N-UFF."
    • "N-UFF lies, debt, self, & delay!"  (Our 4 weekly topics)

See you 2morrow!