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Knee_gov_surgery_roomHere are a few post-surgery thoughts, not in any particular order:

— It’s amazing what modern surgical techniques can do.  Remove part of a cadaver, insert it into someone else’s knee, and send them home that day.  It’s a huge blessing to live in a time and place that this is available.

Versed is an amazing drug.  They shot me with it before wheeling me away to surgery.  That was my last memory before waking up in recovery.  Liquid amnesia that’s instantaneous and complete.

— My recovery is going very well thanks, I’m convinced, to so many people praying for me.

CPM machines are the best!

Polar care units are the best too!

— I have felt up-and-down over the last couple days, but usually I’m up.

— There are people in our church family who are going through very, very difficult medical issues (including cancer), and I’m not one of them.  They need our prayers.