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People put books in my hands all the time.  And I love it…although, just as soon as I read 1, it seems 3 more are waiting to take it's place on my "stack of despair."  🙂

But here are 3 of the oddest books people ever gave me.

  1. Object - Hairdresser Practice Head Book - I Gotta Be Me I Gotta Be Me — Tammy Faye Bakker gets the nod at #1.  I think of my friend Mark Velder every time she shows up again.  We pass the book around the office as a "white elephant gift."  And if you wait long enough, her generously-make-upp'ed, soft-focused face will grace your mailbox or desk.  (The other random gift we pass around is "Mei Mei" the hairdresser's practice head.  She's usually good for 1-2 moments of sheer terror before realizing it's just a head!  P.S. Thanks, Tom Herzog!)
  2. Book - The Geocentric Bible The Geocentric Bible — This arrived in the mail one day in a mailing to 5600+ churches.  Apparently it's been mailed to 132,000 churches in total.  I want to make clear that I've never read the book (but you can read it here).   I don't know the author personally (he's probably a great guy!).  I just think the title is a bit odd.  And maybe spending all that time on the topic too…I'll bet it's taken many, many days of research & editing.  (Incidentally, the book came with a companion book, "A Geocentricity Primer," which you can read here.)
  3. Book - Music in the Balance Music in the Balance — Ok, I have to admit I bought this one myself.  Years ago, I was researching music & the Bible, and I wanted to hear a cogent explanation from recognized experts from the side of the aisle that essentially claimed, "Rock beats are inherently sinful."  I did.  The authors are probably great guys, too.  But I thoroughly disagreed with it.  It's hitting my "oddest" list because of many of the core claims & "evidence" proposed by the book.  If you read it, you'll know why.