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I was asked recently about my “Time with God” document, so I thought I’d share it with you. It’s built on several principles:

  • My Wiring — I engage with God best when can include writing promptings/thoughts down while I interact with God.
    • That’s my personal worship wiring, which works for some people and not everyone.
  • Short Enough — I try to keep my list short enough not to think, “I don’t have time to pray this list!”
    • In the past, I added so many things to my prayer list that I would look at it and think, “I don’t have enough time now to pray this.” Then I’d close it and not pray anything on the list! #notsmartofme 🙂
  • Fresh Enough — I try to create a new list on the 1st of each month by copying the old list, deleting old prayers answers/comments & journal/Bible entries, & creating the new prayer list.
    • In the past, I refreshed the document every 40 days, but I found it (a) too long for me to refresh things and (b) it took time each cycle to calculate, “When does this 40-day cycle end?”
  • Accessible Enough — I store my “Time with God” document in the cloud to have access to it via my computer, smartphone, & tablet.
    • I used to use paper (everything from inexpensive spiral notebooks to very nice journals). It’s just too convenient for me to store it in the cloud.

Here is a sample “Time with God” document.

And here’s a video I shot to walk you through the process. (Love to hear your comments and feedback in the comments section!)