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Retreat - Personal 3
Retreat - Personal 2
Got back tonight from my overnight personal retreat.  Here's a quick report.

You might be wondering, "What exactly did you do on this personal retreat?"

  • I stayed at this place.  They know how to keep things simple & silent.  They'll give you as much quiet as you'd like.  Perfect for a personal retreat.
  • I tried to spend a large chunk of the first day just "being still & knowing that God is God."
  • As I tried to focus on God that first day, I realized how much my mind was still in "Johnson-County-Go!" mode.  Like a wild horse, my mind would "gallop off into fields of thought" about my family, the church, the weather, etc.  Made me live out some good old fashioned "thought-roping-in-Jesus'-name."
  • I also was struggling with serious soreness & stiffness along my upper back / lower neck area.  I was reminded that God was trying to be stronger in me.
  • For the bulk of my personal seeking God, I used the "mind mapping" technique I often use for brainstorming.  I started by writing & circling 4 words on 4 separate yellow sheets of paper:
    • "Personal"
    • "Home"
    • "Church"
    • "Staff"
  • It was an INCREDIBLE time.  Once it got rolling, the ideas just kept flowing onto the page, whether I was in the room, or in the library, or walking along a hiking path.
  • FYI…the first verse that was REALLY impressed upon me?  This one.