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Food - Gatorade
Last Saturday, I ran my last 20-miler before the KC Marathon.

I had been a little unsatisfied with my nutrition plan during my previous long runs.  Before, I was alternating water & a large gulp of Gatorade every 2 miles.  Still, I was getting a more sluggish than I thought I should late in the long runs (& my stomach felt full & sloshed around with liquid too).

So I tried an experiment last Saturday.  I drank more Gatorade every 2 miles.  "Maybe the extra electrolytes would help me," I thought.  Here's what I found:

  • Mile 0 — Start at home.  Should be a great run!  I'll spend the next 3 hours working on next week's message during my run too (carrying paper & a pen on the run).
  • Mile 2 — My first 2 big gulps of Gatorade.  Not bad.
  • Mile 4 — 2 more gulps of Gatorade.
  • Mile 6 — And 2 more.
  • Mile 8 — And 2 more gulps.  Feeling good!
  • Mile 10 — 2 gulps.  Time to turn around at 87th & Antioch.
  • Mile 12 — 2 gulps.  Ok, I'm definitely feeling it in my legs.  Must be the distance.
  • Mile 14 — 2 more gulps.  Hmmm.  The Gatorade is starting to taste foul.  And I'm starting to feel funny.  Am I dizzy?
  • Mile 16 — 1 gulp (that's all I can stomach).  Ok, I'm definitely feeling dizzy on my run now.  I'm safe running on the sidewalks, but feel like I'm weaving.  That's a first for me.
  • Mile 18 — No gatorade.  Feeling sick.  I give up & call my wife to pick me up.  I'm ashamed.  Am I a whimp?  Or am I sick?
  • Mile 20 — On the car ride home, I have the wife stop the car (not once, but twice) so I can empty the contents of my stomach over & over onto the street.  How am I going to speak in just a few hours at Grace?  And I'm thinking, "Maybe doubling my Gatorade intake wasn't the best idea?"