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Bible_my_personal_readingMy daily goal is still 9 pages/day (except Sunday).  Today, I read Zechariah 14 – Matthew 4.  Here is what I wrote in my journal…

  • Zech 14:1 — The day of the Lord IS coming…no doubt about it
  • Zech 14:4 — Jesus will "touch down" in the very spot He ascended 2000 years ago (Acts 1:9-12)
  • Zech 14:12 — A true "Raiders of the Lost Ark" moment…the scene where the Nazis melted
  • Zech 14:17-18 — A SURE-FIRE way to improve worship attendance  🙂
  • Mal 1:8 — It’s so wrong to try to give God what we KNOW people wouldn’t accept
  • Mal 1:14 — In fact, when you offer God the worst & keep the best yourself, you are a deceiver
  • Mal 2:17 — People WEAR GOD OUT when they say that evil deeds are actually ok or good
  • Mal 3:11 — Either people will offer money as an act of worship to God or the repairman will take up their "offering" because something broke  🙂
  • Matt 1:1 — Interesting…"son of David" comes before "son of Abraham"…opposite of history
  • Matt 1:20 — Joseph must have have thought A LOT about what to do about Mary
  • Matt 4:6 — The devil knows how to quote the Bible
  • Matt 4:7 — Jesus shows us to defend ourselves by knowing, quoting, & believing the Bible
  • Matt 4:12 — God sometimes lets bad things happen to His people