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Pix - Bible with Coffee

What is one of the best spiritual practices I do? Spending time alone with God. I shoot for daily, but I'm glad when it's multiple days a week. I notice that, when I spend time with God, I am more spiritually aware, emotionally grounded, and (most importantly) closer to God.

What do I do when I spend time with God? I read & pray:

  1. Bible – I read a chapter(s) of the Bible
  2. Bible – I write down one thing I can apply to my daily life
  3. Pray - I ask God to help me live what I wrote in step #2
  4. Pray – I pray a short prayer list (which I redo 1-2 months)

What Bible plan am I going to read in 2016? I'm going to use the Bible app (YouVersion) to read the Whole Bible plan of the three OWNit365 plans:

  1. New Testament Plus (smallest)
  2. One Story (medium)
  3. Whole Bible (full)

What am I going to write down in 2016? I'm going old school this year. I'm returning to the first way I was taught to dig deeper in my Bible reading, writing down three sentences: historical, doctrinal, & inspirational:

  1. Historical – One sentence on what the chapter is about historically
  2. Doctrinal – One sentence on what I learned about God or prophecy
  3. Inspirational – One sentence on what I can apply to my daily life

How do I avoid quitting on a Bible reading plan? I do three things:

  1. A Texting Friend – Text each other what you read/wrote that day
  2. A Short Memory – Forget the past. That's gone. Read today.
  3. A Higher Belief – Know you need Bible reading like Proverbs 2 says

How can people read with me in 2016, but just read one chapter a day? Just read the "Family Focus Chapter" each day with me in the OWNit365 Whole Bible Plan. It's also called "Today's family reading/discussion chapter" under the "Devotional Content" tab in YouVersion.

My time alone with God is a game-changer for me. A life changer.

May you spend time alone with God in 2016, a few days a week, & see how God changes your life in 2016.